An adjustment is a highly skilled and precise movement usually applied by hand to a joint of the body. Adjustment loosens the joint to restore proper movement and optimize function. Chiropractic adjustment techniques are effective and have been researched extensively.


* Our chiropractor is the primary provider of treatment and is trained and certified to assess the situation and to determine the right treatment. After an initial assessment the Chiropractor will determine if other healthcare professionals should be involved in the treatment process.


Chiropractic care can help with:


Back Pain Posture
Neck Pain Movement in your neck, shoulders, and back
Headache Work and Sports related injuries
Whiplash Flexibility and range of motion
Arthritis Gait and foot problems

Most patients experience immediate relief following an adjustment, however some may experience temporary pain, stiffness and dizziness, local numbness, or radiating pain. These effects associated with spinal adjustment are typically minor and short-lived. Adjustment helps relieve pain and restore normal functioning to the spine, joints and supporting structures of the body, so you can enjoy your everyday activities again as quickly as possible.

Chiropractors in Ontario are required to complete a minimum of three years of University, followed by four years at an accredited chiropractic College. A chiropractic student receives over 4500 hours of education, much of it in supervised clinical practice. They must pass both a provincial and a national set of exams to earn the right to practice as a Doctor of Chiropractic (DC).



Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment (OMT) is a drug-free, non-invasive form of treatment that allows physicians to use their hands as a primary tool to diagnose and treat illness and injury. This form of manual medicine lets DOs (Doctors of Osteopthic Medicine) examine the back and other parts of the body, such as joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles for pain and restriction during motion that could signal an injury or impaired function. OMT can help people of all ages and backgrounds and can be used to ease pain, promote healing and increase overall mobility.


* Osteopathy and Physiotherapy services are covered by many employee benefits programs. Check with your program to find out your coverage level.



Massage Therapy is a regulated healthcare profession and only members of the College of Massage Therapy (MT) or Registered Massage Therapy (RMT) may practice it. Massage Therapists must complete a 2-3 years diploma program from a recognized massage therapy school and have studied anatomy, physiology, pathology, physical assessment, neurology and other subjects. Massage therapists participate in a quality assurance program that assists them in the maintaining of high professional standards and quality care for their patients.


Deep Tissue Massage is a form of massage therapy that focuses on the realignment of muscles and connective tissue. It is particularly useful for treating chronic tensions and contracted areas. These may include stiff necks, sore shoulders and lower back stiffness.

Adhesions are known to block flow and cause pain, restricted movement, and inflammation. Our Deep tissue massage works to break down these adhesions in order to ease pain and re-establish normal movement. Some discomfort and pain may be felt. It is important to notify your therapist if any unusual soreness and pain is experienced.



Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy) can improve your ability to move and function while also benefiting your general fitness and health. Physical Therapists help people with lower back and neck pain or osteoporosis, joint and soft tissue injuries such as fractures, neurologic conditions such as strokes, connective  tissue injuries, chronic pulmonary disease, workplace injuries including repetitive stress disorders, sports injuries, post surgery recovery, as well as spinal cord injury or Parkinson’s disease.


Kinesiology has been scientifically shown to be the best medicine to heal faster and stay well longer. Our rehabilitation program is customized to meet your needs, developed personally for you and supervised by our registered Kinesiologist. We apply a teamwork approach where you play an equal role in the rehabilitation and participate in your health care. Completion of our program will not only build your motivation, but help you regain your health and strength as well.


Therapeutic Ultrasound is a therapeutic procedure that utilizes sound waves to treat injuries in muscles and joints. The sound waves pulsate the tissues back and forth, generating a deep micro-massage effect. In case of a recent injury, this helps to reduce scar tissues and adhesion formation, which would hinder your body's healing. The sound waves are also important because they reduce inflammation by wiping out superfluous inflammatory cells and speed up the healing process by stimulating activity in the cells that help with cellular and tissue repair.


Ice Therapy (Cryotherapy) is used by patients to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation after a surgical procedure. Cold therapy or cryotherapy is most often used when a patient has had surgery to repair back, knee, foot, shoulder or joint injuries. Such persons regularly suffer post-surgery pain, and such pain can be treated via a cold therapy or cryotherapy device.


Electrical Stimulation (often referred to as “muscle stimulation”) uses an electrical current to cause muscles to contract. By laying electrodes on the skin, the physiotherapist is able to recruit the most suitable muscle fibers. Contracting the muscle via electrical stimulation strengthens the affects of our other treatments and is frequently used to care for acute or constant pain, strains or sprains of the muscles, joints and soft tissues of the spine.


Laser/Phototherapy was first developed over 30 years ago. It uses a specific type of light to penetrate the skin's surface and underlying tissues to stimulate the body's natural repair processes. The result is faster healing and reduced pain, swelling and inflammation.


Heat Therapy is used for treating conditions that are more chronic. We do not recommend that heat therapy be applied within the first few days following a new injury, especially when swelling is present. The best forms of heat therapy are warm bath/showers or damp heating pads. Stay away from dry heating pads, as they can cause additional swelling and inflammation.



What is extracorporeal radial shockwave therapy?
Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy is a series of high-energy percussions to the affected area. The shockwave is a physical sound wave "shock", not an electric one.

How does it work?
Treatment produces an inflammatory response. The body responds by increasing metabolic activity around the site of pain. This stimulates and accelerates the healing process.
Shockwaves break down scar tissue and/or calcification.
Transmission of pain is blocked.

What are the benefits of Shockwave Treatment
This therapy stimulates the body's natural self-healing process. There is actually an immediate reduction of pain and improved range of motion. Shockwave therapy may also eliminate your need for surgery.
Please consult our Doctor Chiropractor or Physiotherapist for more details.


The Acupuncture technique that has been most often studied scientifically involves penetrating the skin with thin, solid metallic needles that are manipulated by the hands or by electrical stimulation. Acupuncutre has been practiced in China for thousands of years and is one of the most easily recognizable components of traditional Chinese medicine. In Ontario and Canada, acupuncture is a regulated profession.

Acupuncture treatment helps to relieve pain and discomfort, promote proper functioning, and stimulate the body’s own natural healing abilities. It is generally safe and has a low rate of mostly minor adverse effects. It is an art and a science.



Our Express Body and Nutritional Assessment uses quantum medicine as its theoretical basis. We use advanced electronic equipment to collect the magnetic field of human cells for scientific analysis, thereby analyzing and determining the tested person's health status and put forward standard prevention recommendations. The assessment is non-invasive and painless; the analysis will tell you the condition of your health without hemanalysis or radiography.


* Not recommended for children younger  than 12 years, women on their period or for people with pacemakers.


The following characteristics will be tested:

Cardiovascular function Trace elements
Gastrointestinal function Allergies
Liver function Vitamins
Gallbladder function Endocrine system
Pancreatic function Immune system
Lung function Breast
Brain function Heavy metals
Bone disease Coenzyme
Bone mineral density Prostate
Rheumatoid bone disease Gynecology
Blood sugar Menstrual Cycle (Female)
Basic physical quality Male sexual function
Human toxins Sperm / semen analysis (Male)
Skin health Obesity


* For each of the above characteristics, 4-15 parameters will be tested. Duration of the test is one hour. Please book an appointment at the reception desk.



Special Price: $100! (regular price: $150)


Printed report (30-120 pages)
Report in an electronic format sent on your email